About Us

FMSSC is NYC’s only speed skating club, founded over fifty years ago in the early 1960s.


New York Times (24 Feb 2012): Skates Built for Speed, and for Burning Calories
Wall Street Journal (12 March 2011): Speed Skating for the Fun of It

Memorial Races

Bob Finkel Races

Bob Finkel was the heart and soul of the Flushing Club. Holder of numerous national medals in long-track and short-track, he showed us all what it took to be a champion. He was also skating’s biggest booster.

The Bob Finkel Memorial 5000m Race is held annually at the New York State Chamionships, and is open to men and women.

Jack Mahoney Races

Jack was one of our most beloved skaters. He won multiple grandmaster medals in short-track meets. His favorite race, however, was the marathon. He amassed a large collection of national medals in the 25k and 50k distances.

The Jack Mahoney 3000m race is a Flushing Club event held annually at the last skating session before the holiday break.

To commemorate and celebrate Jack’s passion for speed skating, the Flushing club has also sponsored the National Marathon, 60+ year category, in both the 25K and 50K distances. Just before he passed away, Jack was presented with a plaque from the Flushing Club, honoring him with the sponsorship.