Bonnie Blair, Dan Jansen, Kathy Turner, and Apollo Anton Ono have something in common. They all won gold medals in speedskating at winter Olympic games for the United States. In fact, American speed skaters have won more gold medals at winter Olympics than all of the of the winter sports combined. These skaters have something else in common. They all started skating at local clubs where they were coached, raced and eventually became good enough to make the national team.

The Flushing Meadows Speed Skating Club is one of these local clubs. “We are the only speedskating club in New York City and Long Island. Currently we are training about 15 young skaters. Many of our skaters have gone on to skate with the national team. A few years ago, one of our skaters won the national championship in his age group. We currently we have 3 skaters of national potential.

If you would like to be a sponsor, you would be helping to develop new skaters. Sponsors names are featured on our web site’s sidebar and news letter.

Donations are tax deductible, made thru the Middle Atlantic Speedskating Association, Inc. (MASA). MASA is 501(c)(3) non-profit.

For further information, contact Irina Gavrilovskaya at 917-224-6004