So, you’ve seen it at the Olympics…

You want to give your speedy, icy instincts a try – that’s great! We wholeheartedly welcome new skaters at any time of the season, October through March.

We insist, though, that you already have some skating ability. This is most basically with an eye on safety. Hockey is slightly preferable to figure simply because of the skates’ mechanics, though this is in no way a hard requirement.

Once you’re very comfortable getting around a rink without holding onto the sides, come join us – first time’s on us! Before then, we greatly encourage you to come to a practice, observe, and ask questions. We’re excited to meet you!

Now you’ve got the basics down…

Alright, now we’re talking! Check out our practice times and give us a shout in advance so that we can get to know you, get a feel for your skating ability, and send you some paperwork to fill out and bring along (best check out our policies too). Out of respect for other club members, please, please arrive early – at minimum 45 minutes before the session! We have a certain number of loaner speed skates available, which we’ll require you to wear, handed out on a first come first served basis. It takes time to make sure we get you a pair that fit reasonably well.

The following are required for entry onto the ice. Please bring them with you:

  • Bicycle helmet.
  • Neck Guard.
  • Long sleeves. We recommend layering a light jacket over a long sleeve shirt.
  • Stretchy pants/spandex/yoga pants/tight sweatpants. No jeans and nothing baggy!
  • A variety of socks to get the best fit with our loaner skates.
  • Knee pads (volleyball slip overs or equivalent – the soft type work best).
  • Light gloves.

Regarding the neck guard and the knee pads, if you don’t own these, not to worry. Let us know when you reach out to us beforehand, and one of our members may be able to loan you a pair.