General Requirements

The membership process may seem a little daunting. We promise that it’s not. It’s three organizations, one happens automatically, all has to do with insurance, and we’ll help you glide right through it.

  • All skaters must join FMSSC as a full member after their 4th session.
  • All skaters must join US Speedskating (USS) as well, even if just trying it out.

General Participation

In order to make the most of the session, we need to be ready to put the mats on as soon as the Zamboni is done and get them off timely at the end of the session. This will require all to help. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early to help with moving mats, obtaining your skates and/or help with paperwork. If you arrive late, we may not be able to help you as we want to be on the ice and skate too!

Club Dues

New Skaters:

  • 1st session is free!
  • 2nd and 3rd sessions are $40 per session.
  • 4th time skaters must become full members.

Returning/Full Members:

  • Our Season Membership Plans are:
    • All Members = $1400 (2 sessions a week)  / $800 (1 session a week)

Forms may be found here.

Fees for US Speedskating:

  • $25 for 2 month trial membership (not valid for competition of any sort).
  • $35 for full 1st year membership.
  • $60 for club competing member, $100 for national competing member.

Forms may be found here.

The following are required for entry onto the ice. Please bring them with you:

  • Bicycle or skating helmet.
  • Neck Guard.
  • Light jacket, long sleeve shirt, or skinsuit.
  • Spandex/stretchy pants/yoga pants/tight sweatpants (no jeans, nothing baggy!), or skinsuit.
  • Socks at minimum, cut-proof ankle guards recommended.
  • Knee pads.
  • Gloves.

*Please defer to membership paperwork in case of any discrepancy.