27 August 2021

Flushing Meadows Speed Skating Club is committed to the health and safety of our skaters. After a highly successful 2020-2021 season, we will be beginning the 2021-2022 season on October 4th with continued measures and policies in place. Please note, these policies are subject to change leading up to our first session; please check back here or actively look out for email updates before then.

We will abide by the policies of the World Ice Arena, which is a NYC Parks Department indoor recreation facility and thus follows City policy. This is to require vaccination and proof of vaccination for all attendees 12 years old or older—skaters, coaches, and guardians/accompaniment—in order to enter the facility, and to require all unvaccinated children (<12 years) to wear masks at all times.

New members or guests, please reach out to us at least 24 hours ahead of time. We need to coordinate with the World Ice Arena about COVID-related policies (including but not limited to proof of vaccination, symptom checks/questionnaires, locations and movement within the facility, and possible limitations on the number of attendees), and so we need to know who is attending in order to receive updates from us. Therefore, existing members please watch for and respond to all emails from the club, and new members or guests please let us know with a lot of advance notice.

  1. If you’re not feeling well in any way, we love you, but don’t come to practice.
  2. If you become unwell within two weeks of having been at a practice, please reach out to us immediately.
  3. The facility currently requires proof of vaccination for all attendees 12 years old or older. We will continue to conduct temperature checks as well as medical self-evaluations for each practice, as we did last season.
  4. Masks will be required at all times for children under 12 who are not vaccinated. Masks must not have any valves. Bandanas and other lightweight wraps are not acceptable.
  5. We will only have fifteen minutes before and fifteen minutes after each session in the World Ice Arena. This means: please arrive at practice as dressed as possible, and we will have less time on the ice, as you know how time-consuming a task it can be to set up and strike the mats. We know this will be hard, but we will make it work.
  6. These rules will be adapted as we see fit through the season in response to what works/doesn’t work for us as well as the shifting nature of the COVID pandemic.
  7. In spite of our best attempts to keep everyone safe, we must disclaim that neither FMSSC nor the World Ice Arena will be held liable for any illness that may be related to coming to practice.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out.